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Acting Headmaster Named At NBHS
There is a new acting Headmaster in charge at New Bedford High School.
School Dept. spokesman Jonathon Carvalho says Headmaster Kathleen Dawson has been granted a leave of absence for personal reasons.
Bernadette Coelho, the Director of Registration and Pathways at the high school, will serve as actin…
Mitchell Shares Hopes For New Bedford In 2015
Among Mayor Jon Mitchell's hopes for the new year is the completion of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal in the South End.
Mayor Mitchell says the project is slightly behind schedule but should be finished by sometime in January...
Teacher Assaulted At New Bedford High
A teacher at New Bedford High School was assaulted last week.
According to School Department spokesman Jon Carvalho, the incident happened last Thursday morning.
Carvalho says a female teacher found four girls in a classroom with the lights off, smoking...
Threatening Note Found At New Bedford High School
Police responded to a threatening note Friday found at New Bedford High School.
The note was found inside the high school just before noon, and indicated a threat to the building.
Police considered the threat low-level and non specific, but conducted a sweep of the building as the school day proceeded…
Students Returning To New Bedford High School
Students are returning to New Bedford High School after they were evacuated due to an earlier threat.
The note was found around 10:15 a.m. and indicated a threat to the building.
School spokesman Jonathan Carvalho says students were returned to the high school from Keith Middle School, where they evac…
Threat Made To New Bedford High School
A spokesman for New Bedford Schools tells WBSM News that there has been a threat made to New Bedford High School.
The note was found at 10:15 a.m. and indicated a threat to the building.
Ninth and Tenth Grade students have been evacuated to Keith Middle School and Eleventh and Twelth Graders have…
Durkin Offers Plan For Accelerated Improvement In NB Schools
The Superintendent of Schools is laying out a plan for accelerated improvement in New Bedford schools.
Dr. Pia Durkin told the School Committee Monday night, the plan includes principals providing leadership by coaching teachers, and teachers focusing on core instruction and working together...
Security At NBHS In The Spotlight
School Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin is announcing plans to improve security at New Bedford High School.
Durkin says the city has received $6.5 million from the Mass. School Building Authority to address security and technology issues...
Mitchell Chester Encouraged By Visit To New Bedford
Mass. Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester says he's encouraged by what he saw Thursday in New Bedford's underperforming schools.
Chester visited both the Parker School and New Bedford High School.
Addressing the School Committee Thursday night, Chester said in both schools he saw serious…

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