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OPINION | Barry Richard: MA Dems Stall $15 Minimum Wage Bill
If legislation to raise the minimum wage in Massachusetts to $15 an hour is not enacted in coming weeks there will be plenty of people to blame and they are all Democrats.  A bill to increase the minimum from the current $11 has been languishing in committee all year and is facing a rapidly app…
[RICHARD] MA Lawmakers Look To Hammer Business Again
Here they come again!  Massachusetts lawmakers, looking to make an already unfriendly business climate even less friendly is once again targeting business from all angles.
In just the next week your state reps. and senators are likely to advance the so-called "millionaires tax" that would s…
Is It Time For A $15/Hour Minimum Wage [Video]
Is it time for the Commonwealth to adopt legislation ushering in a $15/hr minimum wage? Raise Up Massachusetts says yes. They're holding a rally Saturday at Buttonwood Park to raise awareness and the minimum wage.
Do you believe the climate is right for a $15/hour minimum wage...

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