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Minimum Wage Can’t Pay Rent
For folks who have a job that pays the federal minimum wage of $7.25, it's impossible to swing the monthly rent. Just think that out of that $7.25, state and federal taxes will be taken out and FICA, too! It's not $7.25 anymore, is it...
New MA Laws Take Effect In The New Year
Massachusetts' minimum wage got a bump from $8 to $9 per hour — the first increase since 2008 — starting New Year's Day. It's part of an effort designed to ensure all workers are paid at least $11 an hour by 2017.
Patrick Signs Minimum Wage Hike
Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a law raising the state's $8 per hour minimum wage to $11 per hour - a high among U.S. states - by 2017.
Patrick told a Statehouse ceremony on Thursday that the new law would provide some relief to low-income workers, while noting it would still not be a ``livable w…
Group Withdraws Minimum Wage Referendum
A group pushing for an increase in the state's minimum wage is ending its bid to put a question on the November state ballot.
Raise Up Massachusetts said Monday the ballot question is no longer necessary since the Legislature has approved a bill that would raise the $8-per-hour minimum wage to $…
Montigny Supports Minimum Wage Hike
The Massachusetts Senate has approved a compromise bill that would hike the state's current $8-per-hour minimum wage to $11 per hour by 2017, but would not tie future increases to inflation.
The 35-4 vote on Thursday came less than 24 hours after House and Senate negotiators hammered out a deal …
State Senate Moves Minimum Wage Proposal Forward
The state Senate has approved a bill that would increase the state's minimum wage while also offering business-friendly changes in the state's unemployment insurance.
Thursday's action by the Senate was largely an attempt by Democratic leaders to break a procedural logjam with the House and allow neg…
Clergy Members Push For Minimum Wage Increase
A group representing clergy from around the state is urging lawmakers to agree on a bill that not only raises the minimum wage but also ties future increases in the wage to inflation.
Massachusetts Faith Voices met Thursday with representatives of House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President There…
Tuesday Meeting Addresses Min. Wage, Sick Leave
A community meeting Tuesday night looks to garner support for raising the minimum wage in Massachusetts.
The meeting is part of the Raise Up Massachusetts campaign, and will call on elected officials to raise the minimum wage to at least $10...

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