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Is It Time For A $15/Hour Minimum Wage [Video]
Is it time for the Commonwealth to adopt legislation ushering in a $15/hr minimum wage? Raise Up Massachusetts says yes. They're holding a rally Saturday at Buttonwood Park to raise awareness and the minimum wage.
Do you believe the climate is right for a $15/hour minimum wage...
Minimum Wage Increases In The New Year
Workers in Massachusetts must now be paid a minimum wage of $10 an hour, up from the previous minimum of $9.
The wage increase takes effect Friday under legislation that was approved in 2014, and that also calls for another increase in 2017, to $11 an hour...
Minimum Wage Can’t Pay Rent
For folks who have a job that pays the federal minimum wage of $7.25, it's impossible to swing the monthly rent. Just think that out of that $7.25, state and federal taxes will be taken out and FICA, too! It's not $7.25 anymore, is it...
New MA Laws Take Effect In The New Year
Massachusetts' minimum wage got a bump from $8 to $9 per hour — the first increase since 2008 — starting New Year's Day. It's part of an effort designed to ensure all workers are paid at least $11 an hour by 2017.
Patrick Signs Minimum Wage Hike
Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a law raising the state's $8 per hour minimum wage to $11 per hour - a high among U.S. states - by 2017.
Patrick told a Statehouse ceremony on Thursday that the new law would provide some relief to low-income workers, while noting it would still not be a ``livable w…
Group Withdraws Minimum Wage Referendum
A group pushing for an increase in the state's minimum wage is ending its bid to put a question on the November state ballot.
Raise Up Massachusetts said Monday the ballot question is no longer necessary since the Legislature has approved a bill that would raise the $8-per-hour minimum wage to $…

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