Maura Healy

[Richard] MA Officials Slam Trump Transgender Reversal
So, the Massachusetts power bunch is in a bunge over the Trump Administration's reversal of an Obama-era edict that forced schools to allow boys into girls locker rooms, bathrooms and gym showers.
Obama last year issued an executive order that allowed students to use the privies of their choice as lo…
Baker To Support Transgender Bathroom Bill
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will sign into law a transgender rights bill making it's way through the legislature.
The Governor told the Boston daily newspapers on Tuesday that he will sign a transgender rights bill provided it includes language contained in the House version that requires A…
Cape Cod Doctor Indicted For Illegally Prescribing Painkillers
(Associated Press) - A Cape Cod doctor has been charged with illegally prescribing opiates and overbilling the state's low-income health program.
Attorney General Maura Healy said Dr. Mohammed Nassery was indicted Friday on 11 counts of illegal prescribing, nine counts of Medicaid false claims a…