John Hoey

UMass Dartmouth Generates $466M in Annual Economic Impact
A new study shows that UMass Dartmouth generates nearly half-a-billion dollars in statewide annual economic impact.
The study released by the Donahue Institute measured the impact of the University's local operating expenditures, major construction projects, and the spending of campus faculty, s…
UMass Dartmouth Welcomes 40 New Faculty Members
UMass Dartmouth is welcoming new faculty members for the upcoming academic year. The University has recruited 40 new faculty members from across the country.
UMass Dartmouth spokesman John Hoey tells WBSM News in recent years the campus has been attractive to teachers of every caliber...
UMass Dartmouth Police Investigate Reported Rape
Campus Police continue to investigate a rape in a UMass Dartmouth dorm.
The university's Department of Public Safety informed students the attack happened early Sunday between 3am and 5am in Pine Dale Hall.
The victim told police on Sunday evening, she was sexually assaulted by a man she didn&apo…
Visitors To UMass Dartmouth Greeted By Picket Line
A picket line that union officials say included more than 100 people greeted prospective students and their parents Saturday at the entrance of UMass Dartmouth.
The five unions on campus are demanding that employees be paid all of the money owed them in contracts that were finalized months ago...
Informational Picketing Planned At UMass Dartmouth
Members of four labor unions at UMass Dartmouth will stage an informational picket Saturday at the University. That's on a day when parents and prospective students are scheduled to visit the campus. Members of AFSCME Council 93 are demanding they be paid just over a million dollars in wage inc…

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