Microwave Helmet Could Speed Up Stroke Diagnosis And Treatment
A helmet that bounces microwaves off the brain could become a critical tool for quickly diagnosing and treating strikes. The helmet was invented by Swedish researchers and can be used when a patient is being taken to the hospital.
The microwaves emitted by the helmet can determine whether a patient h…
Dr. Oz On Hot Seat Over Weight-Loss Products
Doctor Mehmet Oz, host of TV's "Dr. Oz Show," is on the hot seat over weight loss products.
In a Senate hearing, Oz said he does not endorse controversial weight-loss products that are advertised during his popular show. Oz insisted he is firmly against false and deceptive ads …
iWatch Fitness
Apple appears to be developing a fitness device that will work with its yet to-be-released iWatch.
Brain May Hold Signs Of Future Drug Use
Internal wiring is the key to predicting future drug addiction in kids.
A study published in "Journal of Neuroscience" shows the brains of people who are prone to drug addiction are different from those who are not. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine s…
Massachusetts Tuberculosis Cases Down
Associated Press - Massachusetts health officials say the state is seeing an overall decline in tuberculosis, although they warn of a worrisome rise in multi-drug resistant cases.
The Department of Public Health said Monday that last year Massachusetts saw 201 confirmed cases, compared with 215 cases…

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