Science Finds a Way to Make Hair Grow Back
Hair transplants may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new discovery.
Researchers say they have been able to grow human hair in the laboratory using tiny cells that fuel its growth. Researchers say the the technique has been used to grow new hair follicles in animals and is now being tested on…
Study Suggests Possible Link to Alzheimers
A new study indicates there may be a link between a person's exposure to the pesticide DDT and their chances of developing Alzheimer's disease.
Researchers in the U.K. found Alzheimer's patients had four times as much DDT lingering in their bodies as people without the disease...
Should There Be A Dress Code for Health Care Workers?
Experts are suggesting a new dress code for doctors and nurses in hospitals.
The main concern is that lab coats, ties, watches, rings and shoes worn by health workers contain too many germs that could make patients sick. Up to this point, there's nothing to show that such outer wear rapidly spre…
Who Will Make the Decisions for Your Parents?
In families with several children there always seems to be one responsible one. New research finds that daughters are most often making decisions for their elderly parents when they're in the hospital.
Researchers say elderly hospital patients are frequently too impaired to make their own medica…
Study Finds Unprecedented Levels of Stress in Children
A new study has found that young people are more stressed than ever.
The research, which was conducted by children's mental health non-profit YoungMinds, surveyed over 2,000 young people between the ages of 11 and 25. More than half said they believed they would be a "failure" …
Baby Wipes Linked to Itchy Skin
Itchy, allergic rashes in babies and adults are being linked to baby wipes.
Doctors have found a preservative in the moist towelettes may lead to acute contact dermatitis, a type of skin inflammation or rash.
Dr. Mary Chang of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine advises parents to minimiz…
Dr. Michael Langworthy on “Your Health Matters” Today
Dr. Michael Langworthy has joined Southcoast Physicians Group as Chief of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.
He was on with us this morning as part of "Your Health Matters," our monthly feature with
Dr. Langworthy has come to New Bedford from Michigan and he told…
Chewing Gum Can Cause Headaches
If you suffer from headaches and also chew gum you may want to squash the gum chewing habit.
Researchers found that 86-percent of a group of gum-chewing headache sufferers saw significant improvement when they gave up gum for a month...
Study Show Reading Benefits the Brain
Reading a novel can benefit the brain.
Researchers at Atlanta's Emory University invited 21 students to participate in a study in which they all read the same novel over the course of three weeks.
After reading a section of the book, each student was given an MRI scan to see whether there were ch…

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