Battle Rope Fitness
Tired of dumbbells? You could throw a big rope around instead. Fox News reports "battle ropes," those large, heavy ropes that look like they could actually tether a ship to the shore, may be popping up soon in your local gym!
The ropes have long been used in training for s…
Day After Leg Day [VIDEO]
I admit I haven't been to the gym in a while. My New Year's resolution fell by the wayside when we got hit with six feet of snow in 4 weeks. So I got back on track yesterday by trying a new exercise routine with a friend.
It's called the "Brazilian Butt Workout" and i…
10 Gym Bag Essentials
As the new year begtins, many people will head to the gym to lose weight and get in shape. Statistics show that only a few will still be at it by March, but if you made a New Year's Resolution and joined a gym, we put together a list of 10 things you must have in your gym bag...

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