government shutdown

Lots Of Talk, Still No Action On Government Shutdown
Lawmakers are back at work as the partial shutdown of the federal government pushes into a second week. 
House Speaker John Boehner again complained that President Obama refuses to sit down and negotiate with Republicans.  He said the President's refusal to talk is hurting the nation.&…
GOP Congressman Yells at Park Ranger at WWII Memorial
The Government shutdown has gotten a little bit ugly. On Wednesday, Republican U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer from Texas decided to confront a park ranger at the WWII memorial in Washington DC who was not allowing the public to enter the memorial during the shutdown.
Cape Cod Hit Hard By Shutdown
Caoe Cod is particularly hard-hit by the federal government shutdown.
With sunny weather at the start of the month, hundreds of tourists were turned away from the National Seashore yesterday. Lighthouses in Truro and Nauset are closed, and so is the Woods Hole Aquarium...

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