Fan Theory: Is ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Based in New Bedford?
I'm a huge fan of Bob's Burgers, the hit animated show on FOX. It's cleverly written with humor of almost every sort. I've watched the entire series a total of three times. Yes, I have a life. But it's really that good!
Watching the show, I wondered where the fictional town t…
New Exorcist TV Show Has SouthCoast Connection
Being a "paranormal guy," it takes a lot to scare me. But the 1973 classic horror film The Exorcist is one of the few movies that can actually do just that; even to this day, I try not to watch it alone or in the dark.
FOX released the trailer on Monday for its new fall television series ba…
Super Bowl 49 Most Watched T-V Broadcast In History
Super Bowl 49 just upped the ante for most-watched Super Bowls of all time.
According to official numbers from Nielsen, more than 114-million viewers tuned in to NBC to watch the New England Patriots take the championship game over the Seattle Seahawks...

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