Fairhaven Board of Health

De Terra Wins Board Of Health Election
Incumbant Peter De Terra was victorious in Monday's Board of Health election in Fairhaven.  De Terra defeated challenger John Wethington by more than 900 votes.
It was the second election this year for the Board of Health in Fairhaven...
No Resolution Yet In Fairhaven Wind Turbine Debate
An emergency meeting of the Fairhaven Board of Health ended Tuesday with the Board and Fairhaven Wind LLC still looking for a compromise on the hours of operation for Fairhaven's two wind turbines.  
Board of Health member Doctor Barbara Acksen says the board and devleopers are st…
De Terra To Appeal Judge’s Ruling On Ballot
The debate over "the election that won’t go away" in Fairhaven will continue for awhile longer. 
On Monday, Superior Court Judge Robert Kane ruled that a contested ballot previously declared a vote for incumbant Peter De Terra, was a blank...
Hearing on Fairhaven Board Of Health Election Set For May 31
The debate over the Fairhaven Board of Health election will go on for a while longer. 
A Superior Court Jjudge has set a hearing for May 31 to consider a request by challenger John Wethington  for a new election. 
Wethington was declared the winner on election night, but a subsequent re…