Final Performance of Ringling Brothers Elephants
MetroSource News - The iconic elephants of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus are getting ready for their final performances.
The curtain comes down on the long circus tradition after decades of protests by animal rights activists. Th...
New Bedford Elephants Get New Toys
Legendary pacyderm citizens Emily and Ruth are enjoying some new toys thanks to the hard work of students at MassArt.
For the fourth year in a row, the students designed and constructed oversized toys for the elephants at Buttonwood Park Zoo...
New Bedford Elephants Could Appear on 2014 Ballot
It's an ongoing debate. Should elephants Emily and Ruth remain at the Buttonwood Park Zoo, or live out the rest of their lives at an out-of-state elephant sanctuary?
Local resident Joyce Rowley has started a campaign collecting signatures to get the question on next year's ballot...
New Bedford Zoo Named 5th Worst for Elephants
The Buttonwood Park Zoo is once again labeled one of the worst exhibits in the country for elephants.
The In Defense of Animals 2012 list of ten worst zoos for elephants places New Bedford's zoo at number five on the list.
Nicole Meyer, Director of IDA's Elephant Protection Campaign tells WBSM News du…