About 30 years ago, my then 4-year-old daughter, Andrea, was upset that our zoo had to send Emily the Elephant away because of poor housing conditions. It didn't take long to find other like-minded people who wanted to build Emily a new home and get her back. So we formed a core group that included Mayor Brian Lawler, his staff, local trades unions, business people, thousands of school children and their parents.

They said it couldn't be done. But the resilience and determination of this community to build a new elephant house and return Emily to her proper home proved the critics wrong. And oh, what a homecoming event it was! Thousands of eager children, who had donated their piggy bank coins, their parents and a herd of media trucks all came to the zoo to welcome home Emily!

That was then; this is now. Animal activists are insisting that our two Asian elephants would be better off in a sanctuary with other elephants. I sat down with Keith Lovett, Director of the Buttonwood Park Zoo, to ask his expertise. What he had to say was eye opening!

The elephants are better off right here! Animal activists have exploited the situation and  make outlandish statements and accusations, without facts! Please listen to the chat.