Fairhaven Police Starts Security Camera Registry
Police in Fairhaven are starting a security camera registry for town residents and businesses to help fight crime.
Sgt. Kevin Kobza says the department is inviting those with video surveillance systems to register with the police department...
2016 Lemonade Day Stand Locations
Wondering just how many lemonade stands you'll see on May 7th?  Thanks to our Lemonade Day Google Map, here's a complete list of Lemonade Day stands locations and notes on what our young business leaders are working so hard to earn money for!
2016 Lemonade Day Safe Site Location Partners
**UPDATE**  We've had to create a new form for you to register your stands, please use this link once you've selected your location:
Part of running your own business is picking out a really great location to operate. If you're looking for a safe place to set up your stand on Le…
FBI Says Mass Shootings On the Increase
A new report by the FBI reveals that mass shootings are on the rise. The study says mass shootings have consistently increased over the past 14 years, resulting in nearly 200 people killed in 160 incidents.
An average of 16 shooting events a year occurred from 2007 to 2013, compared to an average of …

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