Syringe or Wood Chip
Lots of buzz within social media over an incident at New Bedford's Hayden McFadden School. A child finds what some are claiming to be a syringe in the playground and jabs another student several times, with the needle.
The school Superintendent tells a different story...
Gomes Discusses Anti-Bullying Proclamation
A proclamation being crafted by City Council President Brian Gomes is calling on the City of New Bedford to take a stand against bullying and discrimination and to take legal action against those who engage in such behavior.
Low Attendance, High Hopes At Parent Community Forum
Administrators flung open their doors to parents at a community forum at Normandin Middle School Wednesday night. Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin, along with the principals of the city's middle schools, assured parents they want better lines of communication and reduced bullying incidents as much…

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