Brian Thomas

Outrage of the Week: Free College
"Massachusetts lawmakers are considering several bills that would make part or all of college education free or debt-free for a segment of the population. When will these do-gooders learn that nothing is free? Someone has to pay for it." - Barry Richard
Distracted Driving at Busy New Bedford Intersection
Brian vents about three different events that all occurred within the 5 minutes that he was waiting for the bus. He was nearly hit by a woman who was texting while driving. Another car drove the wrong way despite TWO "do not enter" signs. And a police cruiser with lights but no sir…
Face-Off on Marijuana Zoning and Opt Out Policies
There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how the legalization of marijuana will be implemented here in Massachusetts.  Implementation of the ballot initiative, approved by 54 percent of Massachusetts voters last Fall has been postponed for at least six months while state lawmakers figure …
More Black Market Pot
Expect a new law over an old, old war. Multiple leaders in the city of New Bedford are backing a prohibition on synthetic marijuana, like the potpourri and K2. I've never smoked the stuff. I don't want to, however these synthetics are packaged and sold to consenting adults...

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