Man Tumbles Off New Bedford Hurricane Barrier
Details are scant at this time but police say a man walking along the newly installed cement walkway atop the New Bedford hurricane barrier Monday afternoon suffered serious injuries.
Lt. John Chaves of the New Bedford Police Department says the man's injuries were severe enough to warrant trans…
Lopes To Cyclists: Wear Your Helmet
A broken scapula, and some scrapes and bruises could have been much worse, but also may have been prevented. That's according to New Bedford City Council President Joseph Lopes, who was not wearing a helmet while riding his bike Sunday morning when he was hit by a car...
Bike in Tree Secret Revealed
Have you seen this picture? ABC News reported last week that 99-year old Helen Putz now knows that the person that took her son's lost bicycle was actually a tree.
Helen got the bike in 1954. It was a girl's bike but Helen thought her son wouldn't mind...

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