New Bedford's School Committee spent this week travelling to districts in Chicago, Memphis, and Attleboro, conducting reports on the former employers of its superintendent candidates.

tsm - file photo

Those reports were discussed Friday during a special meeting. Committee members Dr. Larry Finnerty and Jack Nobrega met with Attleboro's Mayor, School Board and community leaders to review the work of Dr. Pia Durkin. Finnerty says he was struck by Dr. Durkin's work in promoting the importance and accomplishments of her district to others in Attleboro.

Jack Livramento and Dr. John Fletcher traveled to the Memphis school district to speak with community leaders, administrators and teachers about the work of Dr. Kriner Cash. Livramento says he was impressed with the financial intiatives the outgoing superintendent spearheaded in Memphis.

Marlene Pollock visited Chicago to meet with those working with Dr. Steve Zrike. Pollock says there were some very positive reports from the educators and parents she spoke with.

Zrike was offered the position of superintendent in Wakefield, Massachusetts Thursday. When asked, Mayor Jon Mitchell told WBSM News, he wasnt surprised to hear that news.

Zrike has not yet accepted the offer in Wakefield. The School Committee will hold its vote on the finalist for Superintendent on Monday.