Most of you have probably seen the new Coke bottles with names on them. This "Share a Coke" campaign is clever because it gets buyers to promote the brand on social media with a personal touch. Someone finds their name and shares it with Instagram followers, which connects to their Facebook and Twitter accounts too. Genius!

The only downside is having a name like mine (common, but with unusual spelling) and not having a prayer of finding "the one" bottle meant for you. I'm used to it because growing up, I could never find a necklace or bracelet with my spelling. "Casey" is always present, as it is in this scenario.

The name choices might not make sense to you, but when you think about it on a global scale, they can't possibly account for everyone. You can find these bottles in stores now, but I suggest checking out the Coke website to see if your name made the cut before rummaging through the bins forever. If it exists, congratulations! If not, then don't worry. Just remember that "You're Super Special!"