Stuff, we all have it - but where does it come from? 

Pete was on an airplane this weekend and brought me a copy of the Sky Mall magazine, talk about stuff!  If you are not familiar with the Sky Mall magazine it's usually in the seat-back in front of your seat, in the magazine they have everything that is supposed to make your life easier, like portable inflatable movie screens, anti-snoring nose rings, the ever popular laser hair growth helmets and everything for you pet.

I love stuff but one thing that caught my eye was the stress relief helmet!  The helmet promises to release the stress of the day by vibrating your neck and head.  You can use the helmet at your desk, on your commute or while watching TV, now if I was sitting at my desk with the helmet on I think it would increase my stress level!  There is a caution with the helmet, warning not to use while operating heavy machinery, because it may produce sleep or trance-like states of consciousness.  If you are like me you see something like this and say that would be great to have!

You buy it and use it once and it then sits on the shelf after that until you think that you could sell it at your next yard sale.  That brings me back to stuff, take a look around your house, how much stuff do you have that you never use?  It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years, I get home from work some day's and look around and say look at this stuff, where did it all come from?

Now I know, I fall for these gimmicks and just buy the stuff I just don't need, they I think hey I spent cash on that I'm just gonna hang on to it. I wonder if they sell a helmet that will keep me from buying all that stuff?