Rescuers have been pulling people from rooftops in Pensacola, Fla., after nearly two feet of rain brought flooding to the Florida Panhandle and the Alabama coast.

Cars were submerged and entire neighborhoods were inundated, making it difficult to rescue people who called for help. Roads in the Panhandle have been chewed up into pieces or wiped out entirely.

Boats and Humvees have been making their way through the flooded streets to assist in the rescues.

In Alabama, rescuers found two women and a young boy trapped in the attic of a modular home. They had received a call for help before midnight last night, but couldn't find the group until this morning. By then, the water was two feet below the roof.

The flooding is the latest wallop from a violent storm system that began in Arkansas and Oklahoma and worked its way south, killing 37 people along the way. (Associated Press)