The suspected attempted abduction of two children Saturday on Alley Road in Rochester has proved to be unfounded after additional investigation by police.

Sgt. William Chamberlain says that the alleged culprit turned out to be a Cohasset man in his early 70's who was looking for directions to a store to buy grain for his horse.

The man had earlier bought 25 bales of hay from a person on New Bedford Road in Rochester late Saturday afternoon when he became lost trying to find the business to buy grain.

Police say the man saw a 14-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy on bicycles and was going to ask them for directions adding that he motioned for them to approach his van because he is "slightly hard of hearing. The man never got out of the van, never spoke to the children and drove off when they did not respond.

Police spoke with the man Sunday and they're satisfied no crime was committed.