In both California and Florida, restaurants have started charging customers a health insurance surcharge on their guest checks to cover the expenses Obamacare has on their businesses.

Gator's Dockside Restaurants, in Central and North Florida, are charging a one percent surcharge on meal tabs, appearing as "ACA." Plenty of signage warns customers of the fee with the explanation that the costs of covering its full time employees would close the doors of the eight eateries that employs much more than 50 full-time workers.

The management said it was less expensive to simply pass along the one percent surcharge than charge customers higher prices on all food and beverages.

Some customers don't mind the surcharge, while others say they will leave 1 percent less in the tip. Is Gator's Dockside doing this as a political statement? Not according to their management, which leads to the big question: Is this a sign of things to come as with the proposed higher minimum wage?