Now that the weather is colder I'm not riding my bike that much, so I have started going to the gym again to get my exercise. I went for the first time this week and being the great observer I noticed a few things at the gym. The first thing I noticed is there are a lot of people who are really into their workouts, they have their heads down and don't look up for anything.

Then there are the high school girls who sit on the bikes and pedal about 1 mile per hour gabbing about who knows what, but it was annoying that they sat on the bike for 30 minutes not getting any exercised when other people waited to use them (namely me).

The other person, or people I noticed were the rubber-neckers, these were all women, women who were on the stair master, rowing machine and treadmill.While they were doing their workout they kept looking all around the gym to see who was walking in and who was checking them out!

I found this funny especially the woman on the stair master who almost fell off the machine while turned around almost completely. Now you may think I am one of those 'lookie-loos' but I just happened to be on a machine that faced the entire gym, and between reps I did look up to observe. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the rubber-neckers, I just find it funny that it was the women in the gym doing all the gawking!

I thought it would be the muscle head guys doing the scanning, they just walked to the station they wanted to work out at and did their thing, albeit there were a few annoying grunts coming from that room. I will continue to hit the gym over the winter and keep on making my observations, I will be discrete about it though, because last thing I want is someone to blog about me!