Food Network star Paula Deen has gotten caught in a big controversy involving racial slurs. It has cost her, her job and maybe even her reputation. However, Deen isn't the only celebrity to get caught in a mess like this, and probably won't be the last. 

Racism is something that is unfortunately part of America's history. As much as we would like to believe that we have come far enough along that it doesn't exist, it is very muchs till a part of many communities. Everyone is guilty of some sort of racism, whether it's big or small. Unfortunately for celebrities, even it's a small offense they are in the public eye, and that eye sees everything.

While Paula Deen is just the latest involved in a scandal like this, there are several other celebrities that have gotten caught up in the same mess.

Jay Z 2010

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While most of us associate racism with Caucasians, other races are also guilty of the crime. Back in 2010 hip hop icon Jay Z made headlines for not allowing 'white people' into his Brit Awards after party.

Dog the Bounty Hunter 2007

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For a few years Duane 'Dog' Chapman was the biggest thing in reality television - until one of his sons tapped a conversation he was having with him and handed it over to the media. You see, Dog was not happy with his son (not involved in his show) or his girlfriend who was African American. Because Dog and his family wanted to use the N-word as they please, he didn't want his son with the girl. Since that conversation leaked, Dog's career has never really recovered.

Mel Gibson 2006

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Life has not been easy for Mel Gibson since his 2006 drunk driving incident. Sure, a drunk driving mistake might be easy to overcome in the public eye, but using anti-Semitic remarks after the arrest and sexually harassing the female police officer is a bit more difficult to recover from. While being arrested, Gibson decided to blame all the world's problems on Jewish people and Israel. We haven't seen much of Mel since then, and his movies and films haven't done well either.

Michael Richards 2006

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The man famous for playing Kramer on 'Seinfeld' in the '90s got caught in a big mess when he decided to throw some racial slurs around at a comedy show when some hecklers were giving him a hard time. While people thought it was funny at first, when he threw out the N-word, things got a bit uncomfortable and awkward. Richards stayed out of the public eye for a few years after that, but has since returned.