For years many have argued that long putters provide a distinct advantage in the game, and improves your short game. That argument has finally been heard, and they will be banned - at least the stroke anyway.

In 2016 a new rule will affect the way that four of the last six major championship winners will play the game. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club and U.S. Golf Association decided to ban the standing stroke most commonly used with long putters. Adam Scott, who won the 2013 Masters, uses this stroke.

When asked about the ban, the USGA president said:

We strongly believe that this rule is for the betterment of the game. Rule 14-1b protects one of the important challenges in the game - the free swing of the entire club.

So this rule will not affect the PGA tour however, who would have to follow this lead, or come up with it's own rule that will also ban the controversial stance.

Many are pro-standing putt, and two of golf's major organizations maintain that it is not hurting the game.