TSM - Firefighters sorting toys at Station 6

Dozens of off-duty firefighters assembled at Station Six on Purchase Street to do their part for the annual United Way-New Bedford Firefighters Toy Drive. 

Firefighters collected more than 3.000 toys donated this year by local merchants and the general public.  They also collected more than $2,000 to buy even more toys. 

Those off-duty firefighters on Tuesday went to work sorting toys, then putting them in large plastic bags for delivery to 14 non-profit agencies around the city.  Captain Rick Shea says his guys love getting involved, even on their own time.

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Capt. Shea says the firefighters serve as the "manpower" for the toy drive, picking up toys from various collection sites, and delivering them to the non-profits. 


Those agencies, like Pace and the Schwartz Center distribute those toys to needy families in the area.