Awesome, I know that word is used a lot these days, but I really mean it, awesome was the only way to describe the meal we ate at Antonio's restaurant in New Bedford. 

We decided to visit Antonio's on Saturday night after a friend suggested we try the restaurant.  We arrived at 6:00 hoping to get right in, there was already a 30 minute wait.  We put our names in and went to the bar, ordered a round of beer for the four of us, we were shocked that it only came to 12-dollars for the round.  While we were at the bar we were looking at the menu, which is huge, there were a few items we had not heard of, one nice gentleman explained what they were for us.

After less than 15 minutes we sat down at our table and were greeted by our waitress immediately with some Portugese Pops and fresh bread.  We place our order and what seemed like a minute or two our meals hit the table, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw how large the portions were.  I ordered the quail special, it was grilled quail and there were three of them on my plate, my wife ordered Chicken Diane, her plate had enough food on it to feed the four of us at the table!  My friends had the Shrime Mozambique and Grilled Pork Chops, also big enough to feed a full family!  I dove right in to my quail and let me say it was amazing! Cooked and seasoned perfectly, it was on the specials menu so I'm not sure they offer it all the time, if they do when you are there try it!  Everyone else at the table loved their meals just as much as I did.

We ended up bringing home plenty of leftovers.  When the bill came we I couldn't believe that for all the food we had, some appetizers and another round of drinks it was only $62.00!  I haven't been out to dinner and paid so little for so much.  Great food, great atmosphere and certainly great prices, take a trip to Antonio's and you'll love it too.  When I was reading the menu I noticed that Martha Stewart had visited and had a favorite meal on the menu too.  Antonio's is located at 267 Coggeshall Street in New Bedford with parking across the street.