Specialist 2nd Class Eric A. Pastor / Getty Images

A second Navy P-8A Poseidon is joining the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  The hi-tech aircraft has a long range and specializes in searching for targets on or under the water.  An international team of a dozen military and civilian aircraft are now involved in the search for the missing passenger jet in the southern Indian Ocean.  Search efforts are being hampered by severe turbulence and near-zero visibility.     

New satellite images  offer hope of finding the wreckage of flight 370, but bad weather is keeping search crews grounded for now.  So far, there has been no confirmation that those images actually show the wreckage of the doomed airliner.

A Chicago-based law firm says it expects to represent the families of many of the passengers presumed lost on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.  Even before any piece of wreckage has been recovered, the firm has filed a petition designed to preserve evidence of possible design or manufacturing defects by Boeing, as well as evidence of maintenance or operational shortcomings by the airline.

Flight 370 vanished from radar on March 8th after leaving Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing.  There were 239 people on board.  Weeks later, it's now presumed that all are lost.  The U.S. Navy has sent a high tech sound device to try to locate the jetliner's black boxes.