The MIT students and community have been put into emergency mode after a gunman was reportedly seen with a rifle on campus.


Update 12:05pm - The police report that the calls they received on Saturday morning were 'unfounded', and that there is no danger to the public. The police have searched the campus and found nothing suspicious.

According to WCVB,  a gunman was reported to be seen walking around the campus. The police immediately issued an emergency alert that went out to everyone around MIT. So far they have searched the Maine Group building, which houses most of the the students.

Here is what the text alert said:

This morning information was received from Cambridge Police that there was a person with a long rifle and body armor in the Main Group Building of MIT. Multiple law enforcement agencies have responded, stay indoors and shelter in place and report suspicious activity to the campus police dispatch dial 100. More updates to follow.


We'll keep following this story, and keep you updated as we hear details.