Suspect Arrested in New Bedford Bank Robbery
A Bridgewater man is arrested today after robbing Bank Five at 160 County Street in New Bedford.
Police say 28-year-old Stephen MacLean robbed the bank at around 11:01 a.m. He claimed to have a weapon, although no weapon was shown. A substantial amount of money was taken during the robbery, but recov…
Shooting Reported at White House, Gunman Down
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House has been placed on a security alert after a shooting on a street outside.
An armed man is in custody after being shot by a Secret Service agent near the White House. The shooting happened at a security station outside the White House complex...
Soldier Involved In Army Base Shooter Scare
An active duty soldier is being identified as the cause of a shooting scare Monday morning at the Fort Lee Army base in Virginia.
The base was placed on lockdown when the female soldier reportedly entered a building waving a gun around...
UPDATE: BCC Lockdown Lifted
UPDATE 11:09:
The lockdown placed on the BCC Fall River campus has been lifted as of 10:52am. The lockdown was put in place after reports of an armed individual in the campus's G-Building.
BEEnotified: All clear. BCC Fall River Campus Lockdown and Shelter in Place is over

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