Mayor Jon Mitchell maintains he sees and understands the frustrations of teachers as the "turnaround plan" at New Bedford High School is implemented.

Mitchell authored an op-ed piece published in Wednesday's Standard Times, detailing what he would have said if he were afforded the opportunity to address the crowd at a teacher-organized rally last Friday.

Speaking on WBSM's "Mid-Day Live", Mitchell says he's caught flack for trying to make improvements at the high school.

After hearing Mitchell's comments about the union being closed to an open dialogue, New Bedford Educators Association President Lou St. John says he's willing to sit down and compromise on several conditions.

St. John also wants the so-called "climate of fear" in the district to dissipate.

St. John says while he has not contacted the Mayor's office for a meeting, he is willing to sit down with the Mayor and the Superintendent to discuss alternatives to the "turnaround plan".