I hate it when pronouncements are made that scare the bejeezus out of everyday folks. But it's my job to not only comment on the content but also share it with you, so you can decide for yourselves. According to the World Health Organization, global obesity and overweight rates have doubled since 1980 and "more people die from eating too much, and too poorly, than from a lack of food."

New research in Frontiers in Psychology gives additional insight into how harmful junk food is. Junk food is said to be addictive, rewiring the brain's reward system just like cocaine does. The bottom line is the world is getting sicker and sicker because of what is being eaten!

Science and research agree, that eating junk food leads to a diet ripe for addictive cravings that send steady signals to the brain. The studies are proving that junk food indeed 'lights up' the pleasure center of the brain like crack cocaine does. I just have a real problem associating Cheetos with crack cocaine! What do you think?