Residents and visitors to New Bedford will soon have a new place to take in views of the Whaling City.


The City Council's Finance Committee approved a $504-thousand dollar project loan Tuesday, to bring multipurpose access to the Hurricane Barrier. The project, when completed, would provide pedestrian and bike access to the top of the barrier, connected to existing paths along Gifford Street and East Rodney French Boulevard.

Finance Committee Chair Jane Gonsalves tells WBSM News the project can show a different side of the city to residents and visitors, once its complete.

Acting City Planner Jill Maclean says Tuesday's action is a key step towards the project becoming a reality.

A State Urban Parkland grant has been awarded to cover about 70% of the $504 thousand dollar cost of the project, with city funds accounting for the rest. Construction is expected to get underway this summer, by the city's Department of Public Infrastructure.