Interesting how on the week of the 35th anniversary of the Blizzard of 78' that we face another blizzard!  Weather men have been using the "B" word to describe the impending storm and it looks like we are in for a big one!  Are you prepared?  Here are a few suggestions on how to prepare for the storm.  First of all if you don't have a snow blower, get one!  They are selling at a pretty rapid pace right now so you should move pretty quickly.

After you get that snow blower head over to the grocery store and stock up on milk and bread, I don't know why we buy so much milk and bread, why milk and bread?  Wouldn't you rather stock up on steaks and soda and chocolate chip cookies?  I would and I will buy these items, after all if we loose power the only way to cook will be on the gas grill, so steaks will be perfect!  As for the soda and cookies, don't worry about the diet, with all the shoveling and snow blowing you'll be doing all those extra calories will be burned off in no time!

After you visit the grocery store head to the package store and grab an adult beverage of choice, remember it's the weekend and a big snow storm you aren't going anywhere so plan accordingly, just don't drink and use the snow blower, you want to keep all of your fingers in toes in tact and we don't want emergency crew's to have to come and rescue you.  Okay, what's next, oh, we were talking about the Blizzard of 78' the other day and a couple people called to say that nine months later they were having a baby, after all you will be shut in and have to spend time together why not make the best of it?

So the next stop is to the drug store to pick up some protection, while you are there you may want to pick up some aspirin for those aches and pains you may get, or the headaches you may get if you already have children that may drive you crazy.  Usually at the drug store they have great deals on bottled water you may want to grab a case or two along with some extra battery's for the flashlight and any other emergency supply's you may need.  Then one more stop before you head home, the gas station!

Last thing you want to do is have the latest and greatest snow blower and not have any gas to run it!  How much would that stink?  All kidding aside this is going to be a big storm, please take the proper precautions and make sure your family is safe, we have plenty of lead time on this one so let's ride it out as the hearty New Englanders we are.