For the 13th consecutive year, Qualcom founder and New Bedford native Dr. Irwin Jacobs returned to his hometown, and presented five New Bedford students with four year scholarships, each one $35,000 apiece. 

And for the first time, a student from Greater New Bedford Voke Tech was a recepient.

Gustin Froias is seventh in his class and will study computers and electrical engineering at UMass Dartmouth.....

Gustin was an intern at the Whaling Museum last year when Dr. Jacobs arrived for the scholarship presentation.

He asked Jacobs why Voke Tech wasn't part of the program.  Jacobs said he thought about the question and did some homework.

Other scholarship winners include Dashayra Carmona, Katia Domingues and Alexander Papas, all from New Bedford High School, and Katherine Mentzer from the Global Learning Charter Public School.