Supt. Pia Durkin spent almost four hours defending her FY15 school budget Wednesday night, but it looks like it may have been worth it.

After the barrage of questions from City Councilors, most voiced their approval for the superintendent's $116.4 million plan and seemed satisfied with her answers about where the money is going.

When Councilor Naomi Carney asked the need for increasing the salaries for principals, Durkin says it is important to attract the best talent to the city's schools...

During a brief sparring match, Councilor Brian Gomes suggested to Durkin that she take a look at some people in her administration. He believes his message got through to her...

Gomes then concluded his time for questioning by telling Durkin, "I support your plan because I like you. You're tough and I like tough."

All councilors applauded the transparency of this year's budget proposal.

Some councilors shared their concern that there will be no funding for a new math program or technology, but were content on waiting a year to get schools back on the right track.

The City Council will begin to finalize the city's budget on Wednesday during their budget cut session.