One oversight has led to a game of political chicken over this week's election in Fairhaven.

Board of Health candidate John Wethington was sworn into the position before it was learned that 48 ballots had gone uncounted.

The Board of Registrars tallied those ballots up Friday, putting incumbent Peter DeTerra over Wethington by only two votes.

Wethington's attorney, Ann DeNardis says each candidate has reason to believe they're the rightful winner.

DeNardis says Town Clerk Eileen Lowney violated a number of voting laws, including leaving the ballot envelopes unsealed, and recounting them several times after the election. DeNardis says the counting process has been tainted.

DeTerra's attorney, John Markey says Lowney claimed responsibility for the oversight, and trusts the board's final numbers.

One registrar commented he sees the matter being resolved in court.