TSM - ABC Disposal Michael Camara (r) joins Mayor Jon Mitchell for trash contract announcement.

A new ten year, $47 million contract for ABC Disposal of New Bedford, to serve as the city's primary trash disposal firm. 

As part of the deal, ABC will introduce a new automated trash collection system in July, 2014.  All residential properties will receive at least two, 65-gallon carts on wheels, one for trash and one for recyclables.  ABC's trucks will be equipped with robotic arms to lift the containers into a compactor bin. 

Mayor Jon Mitchell says the system will increase the amount of items recycled in New Bedford, lengthen the life of the Crapo Hill landfill, and bring about cleaner neighborhoods.....

Changes in the trash collection program in the Downtown Business District will be happening much sooner.  Beginning next month, trash downtown will be picked up between 8-10am, Monday thru Friday, rather than the current evening schedule.

TSM - Mayor Mitchell checks out a 65-gallon bin used in automated trash collection system