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Snow Removal Continues In New Bedford
Mayor Jon Mitchell says snow removal work is continuing throughout New Bedford, with city crews being assisted by the Army National Guard, and private sector contractors from ABC Disposal and D.W. White.
The City on Tuesday opened up a fourth snow disposal site at the former Goodyear Property on Orch…
New Bedford Parking Ban Extended One Day As Cleanup Continues
New Bedford's Snow Emergency Parking Ban has been extended to 6pm Tuesday.
In the meantime, the snow removal effort continues in New Bedford.
D-P-I Commissioner Ron Labelle says city crews have gotten some manpower and equipment in recent days from the Army National Guard, ABC Disposal and D...
Trash Collection Carts Being Delivered
New Bedford's new trash collection system begins next month, but the trash carts needed for that program are being delivered to residents now.
Ken Blanchard of the Department of Facilities and Fleet Management tells WBSM News, the cart deliveries began Monday in the far North End...
Increased Recycling Goal Of New Trash Collection Plan
Increased recycling is one of the goals of the new trash collection system going into effect this summer in New Bedford. 
New, environmentally-friendly trucks with automated arms will be used to lift trash carts containing garbage and recyclables into an on-board compactor...
New Bedford Shows Off New Trash Collection System.
Mayor Jon Mitchell and ABC Disposal are touting the new trash collection program to start this summer in New Bedford.  
During a press briefing Friday in the North End, ABC Disposal demonstrated the new automated process where a trash truck with a mechanized arm picks up trash bins and empt…
City Awards Ten-Year Trash Contract To ABC Disposal
A new ten year, $47 million contract for ABC Disposal of New Bedford, to serve as the city's primary trash disposal firm. 
As part of the deal, ABC will introduce a new automated trash collection system in July, 2014.  All residential properties will receive at least two, 65-gallon car…