New Bedford's Superintendent interviews continued Tuesday with outgoing Attleboro Superintendent Pia Durkin.

TSM-Dr. Pia Durkin talks with School Committee member Dr. Larry Finnerty following Tuesday's interview at New Bedford High School

The former Assistant Superintendent of Boston schools has spent nearly 40 years in education in urban areas, with a concentration on special needs. Durkin fielded questions from the School Committee about her success reducing Attleboro's dropout rate, and emphasized the need for parental involvement and meaningful professional development.

Durkin tells WBSM News she had an eye-opening discussion with principals and teachers during a visit to some city schools.

While acknowledging several challenges facing the district, the 60-year-old Durkin sees great potential in New Bedford as a city, and a school system.

If selected as the next Superintendent, Durkin feels that she'd need to spend at least 5 years leading the city's schools to be successful. Candidate interviews wrap up Wednesday evening at 6pm with Dr. Kriner Cash of the Memphis School District, in the New Bedford High School auditorium.