There was a buzz around here today about the new Burger King French Fry Burger, basically it's a Whopper Jr. with french fries on it.  

So, when asked if I wanted to try it I agreed.  Our local Burger King was kind enough to fire up the flame broiler for us to try some of these burgers, I gave the intern a buck and off he went to pick it up.

Again, when the burger arrived there was a buzz with a few people in the office, they couldn't wait to try it.  I took a look at the burger, the bun looked nice and fresh with a little bit of toasting on it, the burger was pretty small, but what do you expect for a buck, there was a smattering of lettuce, ketchup, mayo and a couple of pieces of lettuce, certainly not enough to be considered healthy, and the french fries.  French fries, four of them!

Yes, four french fries, if you are going to call it a French Fry Burger shouldn't you put more than four fries on it?  After examining the burger I decided to give it a try, cue the drum roll here, it tasted just like a Whopper Jr., the fries added nothing to the burger!  All I could taste was the flame broil and mayonnaise, no fries.  It's a great gimmick for Burger King to serve this burger, but why not buy a Whopper Jr. and an order of fries, take a bite of burger then stuff a couple fries in your mouth and what do you know?The French Fry Burger!

It really wasn't bad at all but I don't know why BK went out of their way to make this thing, maybe to get people like me to eat one of their burgers I guess.  I also love the marketing picture of this burger and what the actual burger looks like, then again when have you ever eaten anything that looks like the marketing picture?

Burger King