Bravo, Pia Durkin, for handling the Attleboro school lunch fiasco with proper final action! If you recall, the story made national headlines and generated national disgust over the decision to deny middle school kids their lunch because they either had empty pre-paid accounts or they just didn't have the cash with them.

Contracted lunch workers went to the extent of ordering the kids to throw their untouched meals in the garbage can, if they couldn't come up with the cash! Maybe the meals weren't allowed but justice was served!

Whitson's Culinary Group, the food contractor, got rid of four employees responsible for this disgrace. And Superintendent Pia Durkin suspended Vice-Principal, Susan Fortin, and demoted and reassigned her as a teacher because Ms. Fortin, the supervisor of the lunch program that day, didn't blink an eye by the moronic decision!

Good move by Pia Durkin, the incoming superintendent of New Bedford's Public School system, this summer. Applause, applause!

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