Go ahead, hit me with your best "I can't exercise because" line. What's that? You don't know how to exercise? Oh, you gave it up after not seeing any changes in your body? You just don't have the time? Now, I get it! You simply hate to exercise?

Well, in a recent issue of Outside Magazine, an article pointed out that it's not lazy if it's hereditary. The article says if you just can't muster up the energy needed to go outside for a  jog, it just might be hereditary!

Now, you can blame your genes, if you just can't muster up the energy for a walk or run. Yikes, I can hear my wife, Celeste, yelling at me to get up and start moving! And there I am telling her to blame my genes for my immobility! That wouldn't go over too well, so start calling tomorrow.

Every expert I know has suggested the benefits of exercising extend far beyond the physical.