Up until recently, if you asked me what a Yuka is, my first thought is some kind of tropical fruit. It turns out to be even sweeter.

It's a free app that lets you see just how healthy or unhealthy a food or cosmetic is – and for products that claim to be organic, this app will let you know for sure.

I was introduced to Yuka at Market Basket, in the jelly aisle.

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A customer was scanning the bar code on a jar of blueberry preserves when she erupted, only using expletives. She and her husband said they both had to start eating healthier and were looking for something less unhealthy to go with peanut butter sandwiches.

According to the Yuka website, "the fact that it is 100 percent independent is also vital to its mission as it does not accept collaborations with brands seeking to be promoted. However, what other apps have that Yuka does not is social purpose."

The Freetown couple are convinced that they are feeling better in part due to this app. They said they are doing their best to avoid the unhealthy selections we are accustomed to, and that's the toughest part of a healthier lifestyle. Without using the words, they trust but verifying is a must.

The couple told me they use Yuke all over the store. For instance, in the fresh vegetables and fruits section, this app lets you know if something is 100 percent organic, and you'll often be very surprised by what it says.

It's fast acting. You just open the app, point your phone toward the bar code on food and cosmetic products, and without delay, you'll get information telling you if the item is good for you overall or it tells you all the ingredients in those blueberry preserves.

There is one more very important part to this: if you are concerned about the actual chemicals they preserve food with, the Yuke app will give you details of hidden hazards that are potentially high-risk.

I got a healthy tip and a fringe-benefit from Aisle 14 in two new friends.

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