Is this guy for real?

Last night, while in front of his supporters, Mayor Correia told the media that "There's no proof, there's no evidence," referring to the FBI's case against him.

C'mon guy. I can see why you'd say there's no proof; that's what all defendants pleading not guilty would say. But how are you going to say there is no evidence?!

We'll focus on that in a moment. Right now, I'm still scratching my head about you pushing a conspiracy about the federal government utilizing its vast resources to get you out of office.

Remind me, what's the government's motive for creating all these elaborate hoax charges against you? You're a small player in the eyes of Washington, D.C. You're the Mayor of Fall River, a small city that lately uses the ejection seat in the corner office more than an Egyptian test pilot.

You are not a victim of the Deep State, but you are in deep s---. The FBI will have a tall pile of articles of evidence, assembled by the most effective investigation force on earth. Also, they appear to have quite the conga line of credible, cooperating witnesses to parade into the Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse on February 24, 2020.

Now, your attorney can battle every piece of evidence presented, Mr. Mayor, but it will indeed be there for him to battle. Mr. Reddington will have to have a Chuck Norris kind of fight record at that point. It doesn't sound to me like anyone has explained to you how hard this trial will be to keep you free from prison.

I'd say the odds are much higher than you retaining the mayor's seat on November 5 and the odds of even that are about as good as the Jets winning the next 11 Super Bowls.

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