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Our quarantine pup has taught me just how much work goes into taking care of an energetic puppy. Luna loves to go for walks, try to steal our food, and looks for any opportunity to get ahold of someone’s underwear or shoe. Luna Tuna has also shown me how much fun this stage in a dog’s life can be.

So, I thought it was awesome to hear that NEADS World Class Service Dogs is looking for volunteers from Massachusetts to help raise and train future service dogs. These volunteers get to experience the puppy stage of a dog’s life before they move on to a family or individual in need of a service dog. “Full-Time Puppy Raisers” will help train these dogs to assist someone with a range of disabilities including:

  • Deaf or physically disabled
  • Children with autism
  • Veterans with PTSD
  • Provide therapeutic assistance

These adorable pups will be ready for their new homes at the end of October. You can even have other pets in the home at the same time as a service pup in training.

NEADS World Class Service Dogs via Facebook
NEADS World Class Service Dogs via Facebook

According to NEADS.org, Full-Time Puppy Raisers are responsible for caring for the animal or 12 to 16 months, making sure the dog receives basic obedience training and socializes properly. “The dog is then moved into a prison facility to finish its Service Dog training or is chosen as a Breeder Dog.

Click HERE for more information and click HERE to apply to be a Full-Time Puppy Raiser.

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