After an 18 year career in Major league Baseball, New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte has decided that after the 2013 season, he will officially retire.

For 15 of his 18 years in the MLB, Andy Pettitte has worn pinstripes. In those 15 years as a New York Yankee, he helped to usher in an era of greatness in New York, and won five championships (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009). His legacy as one of the Yankees and Baseball's all time best is spoken for by his work, and his honesty.

The only bump in the road for Andy Pettitte was in 2007 when his name, along with many others, came up on the Mitchell Report. He apologized to the people of Houston, and New York for his use of HGH. He may come out as one of the only players in the steroid era to not be affected by his actions, because of his honesty.

If the Yankees fail to make the playoffs this season, then Sunday will be Pettitte's final start as a New York Yankee. He'll be hanging it up after a great career.

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