You'd think playing in the World Series for the second straight year would have the Los Angeles Dodgers riding high, but what an embarrassment for them to have to cross a union picket line by sneaking through the back door of the posh Ritz-Carlton in Boston.

The players union literally dropped the ball, just like they did when the Yankees came to town recently. I put total responsibility of this humiliation on the Major League Baseball Players Association, the collective bargaining representative for all current Major League Baseball players. All players, managerscoaches, and athletic trainers who hold or have held a signed contract with a Major League club are eligible for membership in the Association.

The MLBPA primarily serves as a collective bargaining rep, as well as playing significant roles in MLB-related business.

So, you mean to tell me that the union didn’t have enough foresight to make other arrangements for their players, knowing that many of Boston’s hotel workers are on strike? How could a union representing some of the highest paid athletes in the world make them move secretly, tiptoeing through the rear entrance to avoid confronting fellow union brothers and sisters?

I can’t blame the head of the local hotel workers’ union for being outraged. The players could have been placed in other very nice places and chauffeured to the ballpark, even if they had to choose Providence or Worcester. Someone in the players union really struck out on this one.

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