NEW BEDFORD — A New Bedford woman has been arrested for the third time in fewer than 10 days — including twice in one day, according to the city's police department.

Police said they first arrested Sabria Chytrus, 29, of Pleasant Street on July 2 for breaking into a parked car.

During her arrest, she allegedly attempted to stab a police officer with an illegal pocket knife, but was subdued and disarmed.

Then, just four hours after being booked, taken to court, and released on personal recognizance, police said narcotics detectives saw Chytrus allegedly conducting a drug transaction near Belleville and Coffin Avenues.

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Officers found suspected cocaine and heroin in her possession, leading to a second arrest that same day.

Four days after her second release following an arraignment, police said detectives saw another suspected drug transaction involving Chytrus in the area of Clark Street.

She was arrested on July 6 on charges of distributing crack cocaine.

According to police, after being arraigned on July 12 in Third District court, Chytrus was conditionally released by Judge Katie Rayburn.

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